Pasir Ris PMD crash: Teens get probation for riding overweight e-scooters at 30kmh

Muhammad Raziq Mohamad and Mohamed Erzan Taib Zhori sped at 30kmh on the road. (SCREENCAP: SG Road Vigilante - SGRV/Facebook)
Muhammad Raziq Mohamad and Mohamed Erzan Taib Zhori sped at 30kmh on the road. (SCREENCAP: SG Road Vigilante - SGRV/Facebook)

SINGAPORE — In March this year, an e-scooter rider who was crossing Pasir Ris Drive 1 was hit by another e-scooter rider who was speeding in excess of 30kmh along the road, a court heard on Tuesday (5 November).

As both riders lay injured on the road, a third e-scooter rider sped past them without stopping to help.

The e-scooter rider who was crossing the road suffered a fractured toe, among other injuries, and incurred more than $2,000 in medical expenses.

At the State Courts on Tuesday, the two speeding e-scooter riders – Muhammad Raziq Mohamad and Mohamed Erzan Taib Zohri, both 19 – were handed probationary sentences.

Raziq, who collided with the victim, received 18 months’ probation and will have to perform 150 hours of community service. Erzan received 15 months’ probation and will perform 100 hours of community service.

Under the terms of their sentences, both teenagers will also have to remain indoors between 10pm and 6am.

Raziq pleaded guilty to one charge each of causing grievous hurt by committing a rash act that endangered human life, riding a personal mobility device on the road, and riding an unregistered vehicle on the road.

Erzan pleaded guilty to one charge each of committing a rash act endangering the personal safety of others, riding a personal mobility device on the road, and riding an unregistered vehicle on the road.

Rushing to play sepak takraw

On 16 March, Raziq, Erzan and their friends arranged to play sepak takraw in Pasir Ris. Raziq left his Hougang home and rode his e-scooter alone, while Erzan travelled from his Rivervale Walk home with his girlfriend riding pillion on his e-scooter.

At about 8.20pm, both Raziq and Erzan arrived at Pasir Ris Drive 1 and rode along the road towards Loyang Avenue. Erzan rode a short distance behind Raziq.

Raziq was riding along the left lane of the two-lane road when he approached a traffic light-controlled pedestrian crossing near Block 516 Pasir Ris Street 52. When he was about five car lengths away, he saw the traffic light was red. However, the teenager didn’t slow down or stop, and continued to travel at more than 30kmh.

At about the same time, e-scooter rider Cheah Thie How, 28, rode into the pedestrian crossing from Raziq’s left. The traffic light was in his favour.

Raziq’s e-scooter crashed into Cheah’s e-scooter, causing both riders to be flung onto the ground.

Erzan then travelled at about 30kmh past the injured riders. He didn’t slow down or stop at the traffic light-controlled pedestrian crossing, despite the traffic light showing red. He also didn’t stop to render any assistance to the injured parties.

Raziq then got up, checked on the damage to his e-scooter, and left the scene for a nearby HDB block where he met Erzan and his girlfriend. Raziq did not leave his particulars with Cheah.

The entire incident was captured on the in-car camera of a vehicle that had stopped to conform to the traffic light at the pedestrian crossing. Its driver managed to find Raziq and told him that he had footage of the incident, and not to run away. Nonetheless, Raziq, Erzan and his girlfriend all fled the scene.

Accident footage goes viral

The footage of the accident was posted online and went viral. On the SG Road Vigilante - SGRV Facebook page, it has since garnered 129,000 views.

The day after the accident, Raziq turned himself in at the Hougang Neighbourhood Police Centre. He also told police that Erzan was present when the incident took place.

Their e-scooters were later seized and sent to the Land Transport Authority. Both devices were found to be non-compliant as they exceeded the weight and size restrictions.

Cheah was taken to hospital via ambulance, and was found to have sustained multiple bruises on his body along with a fractured toe. He was discharged the next day with two weeks of hospitalisation leave. His medical bills amounted to $2,195.35.

The maximum penalty for causing grievous hurt by a rash act endangering human life is up to four years’ jail and a fine of up to $10,000.

The maximum punishment for doing a rash act to endanger the personal safety of others is up to six months’ jail and a fine of up to $2,500.

Under the Road Traffic Act, riders who use a personal mobility device, a mobility scooter, or a motorised wheelchair on the road face a fine of up to $2,000, up to three months’ jail, or both. Under the Act, the penalty for using an unregistered device on the road for first-time offenders is the same. Repeat offenders face a fine of up to $5,000, up to six months’ jail, or both.

On Monday, in the wake of a rise in the number of accidents involving e-scooters and pedestrians, along with stronger calls from the public for the ban of such devices on shared spaces, the government announced that e-scooters would no longer be allowed on footpaths.

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