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Singapore Airshow 2018: What to expect

The Republic of Korea Air Force Black Eagles Aerobatic team performing with their T-50 supersonic trainer jets during a media preview of the Singapore Airshow at the Changi Exhibition Centre on February 4, 2018. (PHOTO: Lim Yong Teck / Yahoo News Singapore)

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    It's worth just to enjoy Sukhoi 30.
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    Singapore buying the new f-35! Proud of my country! Pride of the RSAF!
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    Hi, for photo 18/18, its autonomous bus not automated.
  • 三公猪
    F35! Overhype. Waste of taxpayer's money. Just get some new F16D or Harrier will suffice.
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    An unknown PM from an unknown country: no Gripen had shot down (Gripen ever enter into a war zone) a few down were down by itself .I.
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    same of thing as the last one?
  • t
  • T

    Tell your Indonesian Government to train it’s people to know how to fly a plane first! LOL
  • a
    No matter how the sick man wayang and drama how he fake and tell lie over other issues and
    The FACT is he ROB old people’s money for personal agenda to back fill their fail investment is reality and cannot denied hahahahaha.
    70% blind frogs without eyeball living underneath smelly well still so happy and proud thought as b4 living in LALALAND and laladream, what a pity hahahaha beyond redemption already friends….
    Island are sinking day by day weight by greedy incompetence stupid egocentric sick human trash.