5 popular types of durians in Singapore

Durian lovers in Singapore have had to wait longer than usual before the season hits the country this year, due to poor weather conditions in Malaysia affecting supplies of the thorny king of fruit.

In Singapore, the typical durian season falls between June and August. However, it was earlier reported that durian fans have had to wait till July this time around.

Now that it’s officially durian season, and with Resort World Sentosa’s Durian Festival happening just around the corner on Friday (19 August), Yahoo Singapore spoke to Billy Lau, 29, a durian supplier from Durian 36, to let us in on the characteristics of five durian varieties that Singaporeans love - the Bamboo, D13, Ang Hae, Jin Feng and Mao Shan Wang.

According to Lau, the popularity of a durian in Singapore depends on its level of creaminess and bittersweet taste, as well as the level of demand on the durian.

The higher the demand for a particular type of durian, the more expensive it gets.

“It’s expensive partly because it’s very sought after by the foreigners such as those in Hong Kong and China, which is why the value of it is very high due to the limited supply. There are also limited trees in Malaysia right now,” Lau said.

All of the aforementioned durians will be available at the upcoming Durian Fest 2016, at Resorts World Sentosa’s Hard Rock Hotel.

The Durian Fest will be held from Thursday (18 Aug) to Sunday (21 Aug) with two durian-eating sessions schedule daily from 6pm to 7.30 and 8pm to 9.30pm.