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Sotto speech against RH

I strongly believe that Senate Bill 2865 is not necessary, not beneficial and not practical for our people. It will not serve the common good and, therefore, should be rejected. Deceptive information, as well as unreliable and distorted statistics, have been for the arguments of the RH bill. My main objections to the Reproductive Health Bill are as follows: 1. The RH Bill violates Philippine sovereignty, the Philippine Constitution and existing penal laws; 2. The RH bill is detrimental to the health of a pregnant mother and puts the life of the unborn on the line; 3. The RH Bill violates our financial independence and the autonomy of local governments; and, 4. The RH Bill transgresses Filipino culture and family values.

Full speech here: Turno en Contra SB 2865

Sotto turns emotional in speech against RH

14 August 2012

Senator Tito Sotto stands by his conviction that the Reproductive Health Bill is of no good for Filipinos.

"Actually, these contraceptives are not just detrimental to women and the unborn. They are scientifically proven to have damaging effects to children born from mothers who were using contraceptives prior to their pregnancy too."

See his full speech here: Turno En Contra