Plane in Singapore Airshow crashes at Changi Airport; runway temporarily closed

South Korean air force’s aerobatic team the Black Eagle T-50 aircrafts perform a manoeuvre during a preview of their aerial display at the Singapore Airshow on 4 February, 2018. (PHOTO: Reuters)

An aircraft taking part in the Singapore Airshow crashed and caught fire at the Changi Airport on Tuesday afternoon (6 February), said the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS).

Detailing the incident in a post on their official Facebook page, the aviation authority wrote that the aircraft, part of the South Korean air force’s aerobatic team the Black Eagles, had “skidded and crashed into the grass verge at the side of Changi Airport’s Runway 1 and caught fire” at around 1.20pm on Tuesday afternoon.

The aircraft was taking off for an aerial display at the Singapore Airshow, which has since been cancelled, reported AFP.

The aerial display would have also featured aircraft from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the United States.

“The pilot sustained light injuries and is being treated. Runway 1 will be closed until further notice,” the post said.

Earlier, Changi Airport wrote on their Facebook page that the pilot had been sent to the airport clinic for a check-up, with the fire extinguished by the Airport Emergency Service.

Changi Airport said in another statement later that some departing and arriving flights would be delayed over the next few hours due to the incident. Passengers were advised to check the latest flight information on or the iChangi app.

An eyewitness had posted videos of what he described as a “plane crash at Changi Airport” on Facebook at 1.35pm, minutes after the incident.

The plane used by the Black Eagles is the KAI T-50 Golden Eagle, a supersonic light combat aircraft.

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