PM Lee on family feud: No need for independent inquiry into alleged abuse of power

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    Hi ! PM Lee on family feud no need for independent inquiry into alleged abuse of power. Another school of taught is thus : NO need to go to Parliament into alleged abuse of power. !...Wonder which is better ?..... Obviously LHY & LWL will not accept Parliament conclusion, as for a start, they already make it clear its a " Smoke screen " . !....Politician playing the role of Justice ?....Better get real, as Singaporeans are no fools. !
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    Singapore Son
    It's ridiculous that the very person accused of an abuse of power can decide whether or not he can be subjected to an investigation or an inquiry into the abuse. Damn stupid! What rubbish!
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    Of course no need for independent inqury lah! Own self check right?
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    People want proof and truth so independent inquiry is best to find out.
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    This is the first time I hear the person defending himself (according to LHL) can decide how the discussion should go and even define conclusion and what is needed or not.

    Why even bother with the wayang? Such is a hypocrite who thinks that he can do as he please and all Singaporeans are stupid.
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    Hmm what happen to ownself check ownself. Now lagi best, don't even have to check.
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    He says No need for COI, No need to sue to defend integrity (so uncharacteristic of the "LEEgime" huh? LOL) and everyone just chit chat and sing song in that "paRiahment" on and on.....until eventually the "dafties" tire off this saga, then the whole island erupts in "Let's Move on...and forget about the Truth"? LOL.

    As expected, NOTHING to be done here boys & girls. No need for changes or improvements, the system is working fine and everyone is blameless lah. LOL.

    LRD is walking the road to Tyranny liao. 70% "dafties" you better wake up.
    Even those "new shytizens", your future and your children's future here is at stake now. LRD is walking towards North Korea model instead of upholding truth and justice. This is really the start of the slippery slope downhill and indeed a really sad day for LRD. The END is Nigh for LRD economy. Its now so Ridiculous now its not even funny anymore.
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    Why don't have a national voting to determine if Select Committee or a Commission of Inquiry (COI) is required?
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    Except Accept
    Everything one person ie LHL in parliament talk for two days.
    Can we have LHY and LWL a live discussion with LHL to stop all this drama.
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    This is the first in the world whereby one can decide by himself that he is not guilty even evidences strongly indicated. Breaking world record, How can it be possible ?