Pornsak represents Singapore in debate show in China

Elizabeth Tong
Entertainment Reporter
Singapore-based Thai star Pornsak (Photo: Left Profile)

Singapore-based Thai star Pornsak will be representing Singapore in the second season of a Chinese debate competition show, where he will be competing against 59 other Chinese-speaking contestants.

According to Lianhe Zaobao, this will be the first time that Pornsak is participating in a debate show. Global Chinese Debate Contest is a competition variety show that has Chinese speakers from around the world discuss about societal, cultural and educational topics revolving around the Chinese culture.

Pornsak was approached to appear on the show after one of the producers spotted his TV interview in Thailand. The unnamed producer found out that the 35-year-old could speak Thai, English and Mandarin fluently, and promptly requested that he appear on the show.

Before he could appear on the show, Pornsak said he had to go through two rounds of face-to-face interviews with the directors, and also had to undergo a writing test. Currently, he is still in the prelimary stages of the competition.

Watch Pornsak’s appearance on the Global Chinese Debate Contest show, where he talks about caring for his father:

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