Private-hire driver Shirwin Eu looking to run in Presidential Election

(PHOTO: Facebook page of Shirwin Eu)
(PHOTO: Facebook page of Shirwin Eu)

Private-hire driver Shirwin Eu is making yet another attempt to enter politics, but this time he has his sights set on becoming Singapore’s president.

Eu was seen entering the Elections Department (ELD) building on Thursday (1 June) to collect his application papers to run in the 2017 Presidential Election (PE), which is set to be held in September.

This year’s PE is reserved specifically for Malay candidates and those intending to run have to apply for a Malay community certificate from the Community Committee.

Speaking to the media outside the ELD building, Eu said, “I understand that this is a reserved election for minorities, for Malay candidates, but the verdict is not out yet…

“But I think there’s always a chance for the government to review its intentions. I am not sure if the Malay community wants to do that because there may be some repercussions and setbacks to it.”

Eu, 34, had failed in two previous attempts at political office. He had intended to run for the Bukit Panjang SMC seat as an independent candidate in the 2015 General Election, but did not have assentors. In 2016, he was disqualified from running as an independent candidate in the Bukit Batok by-election.

Asked about his persistence in running for office, Eu said, “I think I’m doing this by instinct. I just feel like walking in, I just feel like doing it. I feel that, probably, I’m better than the rest of the candidates until proven otherwise.”

“Whether I stand a chance doesn’t really matter. The chance is decided by the population, not by any form of committee, council or Elections Department. How do you know I will not win if I’m not even qualified?” he said when asked what he thought of his chances.

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