PSD confirms polling public service officers on Oxley Road dispute

Hsien Yang says PM Lee 'flip-flopping' over demolition of Oxley Road house
Photo: Reuters

The Public Service Division (PSD) has confirmed that it polled public officers on the Lee family feud.

They conducted the poll because the allegations went “beyond private matters”.

The PSD said in a statement to the media on Tuesday (27 June), “As part of our stakeholder engagement, the Public Service Division periodically seeks public officers’ sentiments on public issues that matter to them. We are polling public officers to understand their sentiments on this issue as it involves the integrity of our public institutions, of which they are an important part.”

The PSD issued the statement after screenshots of the poll by PSD Engage about the dispute over 38 Oxley Road were circulated online. The person who shared the photos questioned why public resources were used to conduct the poll.

The PSD is part of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Some questions asked respondents whether the incident would have an impact on Singapore’s reputation, and whether the matter “affected your confidence in the integrity and impartiality of our public institutions and the Public Service”.

Separately, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong also issued a statement on Tuesday night saying that the allegations made by his siblings Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Wei Ling are “mostly inaccurate”.

He said, “My siblings continue to make allegations about what I supposedly did or did not do. They are mostly inaccurate. As I earlier said, I will be making a statement in Parliament on 3 July 2017. I will at that time deal with the allegations that need to be addressed.”

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