Public Enemy's Chuck D: Trump Is 'The Epitome Of A White Supremacist'

Public Enemy rapper Chuck D has launched a scathing attack on President Donald Trump.

Chuck D did not hold back with his latest criticism of Donald Trump, calling the president “the epitome of a white supremacist.”

ThePublic Enemyrapper launched the blistering attack in a lengthy op-ed forThe Daily Beast that was published on Thursday. He described Trump as a “bloated mess,” a “weapon of mass distraction” and a “white alpha male who looks down on other peoples and bullies others to get what he wants.” 

“If that’s not supremacy, then what the fuck is?” he asked.

Chuck D also explained the concept behind hisProphets of Rage supergroup’s new single “Hail to the Chief.” The track focuses on “the seriousness of Vice PresidentMike Pence” while the music video asks why people are “not paying attention to this guy in the background.”

“It’s important not to trivialize this dude,” Chuck D wrote. “There’s an underlying layer to this administration that is very sinister.”

Check out the full op-ed inThe Daily Beast here, and the video for “Hail to the Chief” below:

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