Queenie Chu explains her frustrations towards ex-fiance

15 Feb – Former TVB actress Queenie Chu has recently explained the reason why she declared that she would not want to be associated with ex-fiancé Eddie Pang anymore.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who was contacted by the media after she took to social media to express her ire towards Eddie discussing their relationship during an interview, shared that she could no longer tolerate Eddie constantly going MIA on her.

"The last time he was gone, it was nine months. I was unable to contact him. I was ready to marry him a few years back, but he suddenly disappeared," she said.

Queenie also stressed that the previous rumours of his unfaithfulness did not actually affect her and their relationship at all.

"I have always believed in him, that there was no third party. It did not affect my confidence to marry him. But in the end, he disappeared," she said.

Queenie said that Eddie's "missing syndrome" occurs from time to time - sometimes for a short time and more often than not, for many months.

When asked why did she tolerate his behaviour for such a long time, Queenie sadly responded, "Every time something happens, I will question myself, whether I have given him a lot of pressure and that he needs his space. I was willing to change myself for the sake of our relationship."

"But my love for him is already dead now. I have decided to give up. I have to be myself. I no longer want to be linked to him. I want to work hard and make my own money," she said.

Eddie has declined to comment on the subject.

(Photo Source: Queenie Chu Instagram)