Quirky Cocktail Concoctions

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Quirky Cocktail Concoctions

"I need a drink!" If you find yourself among the heart-broken and stressed-outs exclaiming this line, we have rounded up some of the quirkiest cocktail concoctions, strong enough to obliterate any spat with your boss, deadlines at work or memories of your ex. Catch the intoxicating rhythm of life in Jakarta as you spill into bars and find comfort in these refreshing cocktails:

1. Papa Hemingway

What’s hiding inside?

Served in a brown paper bag to represent Prohibition-era speakeasies, Papa Hemingway is a variation of the classic 19th Century daiquiri. The drink is named after famous writer Ernest Hemingway, who first requested this customized version. The star ingredient of this cocktail is daiquiri.      
For those more thirsty than famished, Union in Plaza Senayan has more than enough to wet your whistle. This restaurant-cum-bar assembles a variety of poisons under one roof but perhaps the piece de resistance is the Papa Hemingway. Don't just  take my word for it.


2. Toasted Marshmallow Martini

Seek respite from the searing heat and macet (traffic jams) at Otel Lobby in Kuningan and be entertained as bartenders whip up cocktails to cool you down. The cavernous interiors fill up fast with a cosmopolitan ensemble seeking conversation, company and cocktails.
Next to the Herb and Bourbon, not to be missed is the Toasted Marshmallow Martini. Made from premium vodka, white Creme de Cacao, Kahlua and topped with marshmallow foam, be entertained as the mixologist toasts your drink with a torch. Looks cool and yummy? Wait until you sniff and taste it. This cocktail truly lives up to its delicious name.  


3. Chrysanthemum Tea

Anytime is tea time with Chrysanthemum Tea, another crowd pleaser at Union. Tea lovers favor this tea-flavored drink for its refreshing taste. Dried chrysanthemum flowers are infused in vodka before the concoction is mixed with herbs and honey and served in an orange-smoked teacup. Nibble on finger food as you would with your afternoon tea.


4. Celery Superstar

With its comfortable conversation areas and a hip crowd of twenty- and thirty-somethings that multiplies on weekend nights, Otel Lobby wows its diners and drinkers with the Celery Superstar.
They say some like it hot, but in Jakarta, almost everyone loves it spicy with heat that packs a punch. Out of love for everything spicy, the bar’s mixologist created this superstar drink made with vodka, Cointreau, freshly squeezed lime juice, cabe rawit (birds-eye-chili), fresh celery juice and simple syrup. Garnished with a slice of star fruit, this fiery drink will spice up your night.


5. Liquid Red Velvet

In a city where bars and restaurants sprout up every few months, mixologists are constantly expected to create the unexpected to stay in the game.
At this pilgrimage site for velvet cake lovers, Union mixologists have found an alternative to offer when they run out of cake: Drink your dessert. Liquid Red Velvet is a creamy alternative to the decadent dessert that has taken Jakarta by storm. Made with aged rum, extracted beetroot juice, a little bit of salt, caramelized peanuts and cream cheese on top — just like the cake — it is a sure way to satisfy your sweet tooth craving.