R-mageddon: VW hits the Nurburgring in undisguised Golf R, Tiguan R and Arteon R

Zac Palmer
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The next-gen Volkswagen Golf R hasn’t done a great job of hiding its secrets so far. That continues today with new spy shots of an uncamouflaged Golf R running around the Nürburgring.

Last we saw the Mk 8 Golf R, it was being put through its paces in winter testing. These latest shots reveal a new extended spoiler, large wheels and shiny blue brake calipers. That spoiler is of the greatest interest to us, though. It closely resembles the aftermarket spoiler for sale on VW’s parts and accessories website. Maybe Volkswagen is testing a new version of the spoiler to sell again, or maybe it’s totally new and will be offered through some option package from the factory. Either way, it looks great and adds some flair to the otherwise subdued Golf — the first Golf R we spied didn’t have the spoiler.

We also get a clear look at the unique front fascia on the Golf R. The side venting is unique to the R, and it’s a huge departure from the GTI’s new, distinctive honeycomb look. Traditionalists will enjoy it, but those seeking something new and unique will likely gravitate toward the GTI design. The last thing we’ll note is the seat design seen through the front windshield. They look mighty aggressive, with big bolsters to hold you in at places like the Nürburgring.

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But wait, there’s more. Volkswagen was out in force testing some more of its R metal on the Nürburgring. We’re not going to see the Tiguan R and Arteon R make their way over to the U.S., but our spy photographers got great photos of those two cars at the same time as the Golf R. The Tiguan R is based off the small Euro-only Tiguan that isn’t sold here — we get the large Tiguan that better suits America’s tastes for big cars. At this point, we’re getting jealous. Volkswagen has already released the T-Roc R for Europe, and now Europeans will be getting the Tiguan R, too.

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The Arteon’s already-disappointing sales make the prospects bleak for that car ever appearing here, and VW has previously told us that both the R and wagon variant of the Arteon won’t be coming here. Too bad. The Arteon R looks superb with its large wavy wheels, and it will be missed (likely by few people) on this side of the pond. Expect both the Tiguan R and Arteon R to be cranking out more than 300 horsepower — all-wheel drive is a given, too.

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