A Ramadan experience of Malaysian unity for teen food delivery rider

Joe Lee
For Suhaimi, a simple thank you note and RM5 tip was a touching appreciation of working, delivering food in the day while fasting. — Picture via Twitter/lipan50

PETALING JAYA, May 24 — The holy month of Ramadan is a trying one for Muslims, especially those who have to engage in physical activities during the day.

For eighteen-year-old Muhammad Suhaimi Hussin who works as a food delivery rider however, it was also an opportunity to see fellow Malaysians of all races appreciate the practise of their fellow Malaysians who are fasting.

After a delivery to a Chinese customer last Monday, he was surprised to be handed an envelope.

Opening it, Suhaimi found a tip, and a thank you note for his effort.

According to him, one of his food delivery tasks led him to a house with four people, with an adult conducting a class for children.

“After one of the children took the food, I was handed an envelope.”

What Suhaimi saw in the envelop made him smile from ear to ear.

“I noticed RM5 and a note in the envelope which surprised me. It may be a small sum, but it means a lot to be appreciated,” he told mStar.

But it was the contents of the note that meant more in value.

The note read, “Thank you for the food delivery. Happy fasting. Thank (you) for your hardworking [sic] and excellent work.”



He shared the heartwarming tale on Instagram before a friend, Alif Haikal shared the story on Twitter — garnering over 16,000 retweets and more than 13,000 Likes.

Suhaimi said he felt close to tears to be appreciated, and said it was heart-warming to see the unity of Malaysians.

“We should appreciate each other regardless of race.

“As a Malay fasting, delivering food in the day — it is a simple appreciation that means a lot.”

Currently residing in Hulu Langat, Suhaimi who is awaiting offers to continue his studies has been working part-time for the food delivery company since January.

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