Ramen Bar Shishido celebrates Valentine’s Day with limited edition Chocolate Ramen

Valentine’s Day and chocolate go together like, well, anything else and chocolate. The idea that chocolate makes everything better, however, is being put to the test by Ramen Bar Shishido, a well-known Japanese Izakaya-inspired ramen restaurant located in Petaling Jaya. The restaurant has recently introduced a Chocolate Ramen as a special Valentine’s Day treat.

Ramen Bar Shishido - restaurant

Shozo Kamizato, the owner and chef at Ramen Bar Shishido explained that the Chocolate Ramen is made using rich pork miso (fermented soya bean paste) soup along with a hint of spice and basil.

According to him, the combination of these flavours in turn gives the ramen broth a unique creamy, salty, spicy and bittersweet flavour that will have diners craving for more.

Ramen Bar Shishido - chocolate ramen

Each bowl of Chocolate Ramen will come chocolate minced pork, soft-boiled ramen egg, a piece of melt-in-the-mouth cha shu and coriander Yakibuta (braised pork). Don’t worry if you’re imagining an overly-sweet curry ramen because the chocolate is there to balance out the saltiness of the broth.

Each bowl of Chocolate Ramen is priced at RM28 and this special Valentine’s dish will be on the menu till 14 Feb 2023.

This Valentine’s, instead of treating your loved ones to the usual confectionery and romantic dinners, why not try some Chocolate Ramen? It could be the start to something beautiful.

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