Raymond Wong paid millions to Donnie Yen for "Ip Man 4"

17 Feb – Pegasus Motion Picture co-founder Raymond Wong recently admitted to be paying Donnie Yen a hefty amount of money to reprise his role as Ip Man in the upcoming fourth instalment.

As reported on Epoch Times, the producer, who appeared at a Hong Kong event recently, shared that the amount offered (which is reported to be around USD 12.8 million) is not considered too high considering the marketability of the actor and the franchise.

"If it's for a different movie, it may not be worth it. But this is different because it's Ip Man," he said.

In addition to his hefty pay, Raymond revealed that Donnie will also enjoy the dividend from the movie's global box office number.

According to the producer, the martial arts star has already signed on to do the fourth movie, and that they will begin filming the movie after the Lunar New Year.

When asked if Donnie's pay is higher than that of Stephen Chow, Raymond stated that he doesn't know how much the comedy auteur is currently paid for a movie.

He added, "But of course, [if you ask me who is more expensive], the strongest man in the universe [Donnie Yen] would triumph over Stephen Chow."

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