Read this or die: Top stories from November 24

Anisa Menur
Read this or die: Top stories from November 24

We decided that we just won’t let you miss these stories

Uber makes headline again. And again


Uber to invest more in the Indian market [Livemint]

In an interview, Uber’s global head of product Daniel Graf said that the company plans to step up its investment in India by building “more India-specific and global innovations through its presence in the country.” It is also planning scale up growth and its engineering team there.

Graf also explained that India is currently the company’s most significant global market after it sold its business unit in China to rival Didi Chuxing in 2016.

Uber has let SoftBank know about its data breach before going public about it [Reuters]

Uber stated that it has informed potential investor SoftBank Group about its recent data breach incident before announcing about it to the public on Tuesday. The company also stated that by the time the information that they have on the breach was “preliminary and incomplete” and that they have underwent forensic investigation during the time.

The ride-hailing giant is currently trying to complete a US$10 billion investment deal with the Japanese telco group.

Cashless payment in Southeast Asia


Thailand opens first QR code-based food court in Khon Kaen [Bangkok Post]

Thailand’s Krungthai Bank has sponsored the opening of a food court in Khon Kaen province where all the vendors accept QR code-based cashless payment method. With 50 sellers joining in the initiative, the project aims to promote the use of cashless payment among offline F&B retailer in the country.

DOKU launches integrated market analytics portal for business [Press Release]

Indonesian cashless payment and risk management company DOKU on Thursday launched an integrated reporting and market analytics web portal for online merchants, be it social media-based merchants or offline businesses that are aiming to embrace digital platforms. The platform will enable business owners to control, analyse, project trends, and plan their business strategy. Merchants who have been using the platform for at least six months and have healthy transaction history are also able to access a P2P lending feature on the platform.

Southeast Asia and China


Singapore govt launches initiative to help startups tap on China’s vast ecosystem [e27]

The Singapore government has launched a new initiative in China that will deepen ties between the tech ecosystems of both countries.Called the Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) (Beijing), the initiative will be spearheaded by IE Singapore, a government agency which is tasked to build the city-state into an international trading hub. This is the first overseas initiative set up by the GIA Programme Office (GIA PO), which was set up to foster entrepreneurship and innovation opportunities between Singapore and countries with strong digital hubs.

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