Recalcitrant molester, 86, jailed for molesting 11-year-old girl

The Singapore State Courts. (PHOTO: Dhany Osman / Yahoo News Singapore)
The Singapore State Courts. (PHOTO: Dhany Osman / Yahoo News Singapore)

SINGAPORE – Just months after he was released from prison for elbowing a woman’s breast in full view of her husband, a senior citizen stroked the inner thigh of another woman on board a public bus last year, a court heard.

While being investigated for the offence, Poh Seng Khian placed his hand on an 11-year-old girl's groin on board another bus in March this year.

At the State Courts on Wednesday (28 July), Poh, who is now 86 and in a wheelchair, was jailed for 10 months after he pleaded guilty to the two molestation charges.

Yahoo News Singapore earlier reported that Poh was given 18 weeks’ jail last year for molesting a 47-year-old woman along the second floor of People’s Park Centre in front of her husband.

As he walked past the woman, Poh extended his right arm and bumped her breast with his elbow deliberately. When confronted, he offered the couple $10 to be let off the hook.

Then on 23 October last year, on board a public bus, Poh touched a 27-year-old woman's left bicep a few times. The victim ignored him, thinking the contacts were unintentional.

Poh then stood with the help of his walking aid to alight. But as he was going down the steps of the bus, he extended his right arm towards the victim while pretending to fall and stroked her right inner thigh with his right hand.

The victim then grabbed Poh's forearm and he apologised to her before alighting. The victim also alighted at the same stop and told her husband about the incident before making a police report.

About half a year later, on 11 March, the recalcitrant molester struck again. This time he sat next to an 11-year-old girl on board another public bus and placed the handle of his walking aid on her lap near her groin before placing his right hand on her groin.

The victim immediately pushed the culprit's hand away. She told her parents about what happened when she got home and made a police report later that day.

On both occasions of molest, Poh's actions were captured on the in-vehicle CCTV cameras in the buses.

A government psychiatrist found that Poh possibly has minor neurocognitive disorder due to vascular disease and Alzheimer's disease, but these ailments have no contributory link to his offences.

For molesting a minor under 14, Poh could have been jailed for up to five years.

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