Resort owners speak about ordeal after volcano

Their resort took the full force of a tsunami following the eruption of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano on the Saturday before.Downed trees and piles of debris now lie in the area where the Tukuafu's resort once stood.

As the volcano was erupting, and having difficulty breathing, 37-year-old Marian phoned John at home to come and pick her up from the resort, telling him, "the sea is weird".

After picking up Marion, the couple explained how they drove along the road yelling and warning people, "Tsunami, everyone. Tsunami, get out!"

"People were just living their daily life really. They didn't even that there is a tsunami," Marian said. "We just thank God that, He led us. Even though

the siren didn't work, but sent us as a siren to our village. To inform people on the road. They were even just standing in the corner stores, just buying and you know. We're thank God we're still here."

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