REVIEW: Sephora Rose Gold Mask gives me a dewy finish

Reta Lee
Editor-in-Chief, Lifestyle

Sephora Rose Gold mask. (PHOTO: Sephora)

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You know that feeling of stepping into a Sephora store? Yes, I miss that; I miss spending an hour plus checking out new products, doing swatches on my hand to look for the perfect colour and playing with textures to see if I like the product or not.

With multi-step routines and new innovative products hitting the market ever so quickly, Sephora wants to make its beauty retail a little less complicated, by delivering its own curated skincare line - think moisturisers, serums and cleansing wipes.

Sephora Rose Gold Mask | S$8 for one sheet

While we’ve been working from home post Circuit Breaker, it’s easy to take the lazy girl’s routine and skip your beauty steps (I have so!). I’ve noticed that while working with an air-conditioning blowing directly at me, my skin looks dull and dry by the end of the week.

Thankfully, Sephora’s e-commerce store is just a click away, and I am able to stock up on face masks.

The Sephora Rose Gold Mask is a no-brainer; duty-wise, it’s targeted at dull skin, for those with normal to combination, dry or oily skin.

When removing the mask from the packaging, to my surprise the face mask is huge; plus it was a sticky process trying to slap on the mask with the dripping product. It took me a while as I was struggling to not waste any excess product.

But here’s a tip: Slather on the remaining product all over your neck with a downwards massaging motion.

With its paraben-free, sulphate-free formula, I did not experience any allergic reaction at all, which is a major plus.

It also contains rice bran extract or oil, that helps cleanse, soften and moisturise your skin all at the same time; while the rose quartz extract helps calm and leave your skin with a glowy radiance.

After leaving on for 15 minutes, I toss away the mask (my girlfriends said I look like Iron Man!) and let the product work its benefits. There is no need to rinse!

I noticed a nice dewy sheen on my skin, without that dull complexion. It’s a winner!

If you’re looking to stock, this makes for a cute gift for your friends while you call each other on Zoom too (face mask party?).