Ruby Lin to produce "Painted Skin" adaptation

Syahida Kamarudin
Ruby Lin to produce "Painted Skin" adaptation

25 Sep – After the success of the television adaptation of Zhao Wei's "Painted Skin", it has been revealed that a drama adaptation of its sequel, "Painted Skin: Resurrection" is also in the works.

As reported on Popular Asians website, produced by actress Ruby Lin, the adaptation, "Painted Skin: No Regrets for Real Life" is scheduled for broadcast at the end of 2012.

It was revealed that the actress also offered lead roles to actor Hawick Lau -who will be playing the role of Wang Ying and actress Ying Er who will be playing Princess Jing. Meanwhile, 26-year-old newcomer, Michelle Bai was cast as the fox spirit, Xiao Wei.

Meanwhile, the producer's representative stated that this would be Ruby Lin's third production since "The Glamorous Imperial Concubine" (2011) and "Go Go Go". However, unlike the two dramas, the award-winning producer will not be taking on a permanent role for "Painted Skin: No Regrets for Real Love".