Ryu Shi-won returns to filming

17 Apr – It was revealed that actor Ryu Shi-won had recently returned to the set of his drama, "Goodbye My Wife", which ironically, depicts his real life as well.

According to a Dkpopnews website report, filming for the drama that was originally scheduled for 9 April at Paju in Gyeonggi had to be delayed due to the news of the actor's divorce.

In regards to his return on 11 April, a representative from the drama series stated, "Ryu Shi-won seems slightly unsettled, but despite his personal life, he maintained his professionalism while filming."

Earlier on 9 April, media reporters discovered that Ryu's wife, Jo Soo-in, had filed for divorce last March, demanding full custody. The reason for divorce remains unknown, and no date for the date has been set yet.


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