Sabah varsity graduate draws online flak for Nazi salute at convocation

Radzi Razak
Ibn Ruru said he made the gesture in support of the Palestine struggle against Israel.

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 26 — A graduating student from Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) is under fire on social media after pictures spread of his Nazi salute on stage during his convocation ceremony.

The graduate also posted a caption on his Facebook account under the name Ibn Ruru in praise of former German Chancellor Adolf Hitler who was responsible for the systematic extermination of more than six million people, especially Jews, during World War Two.

In his page, Ibn Ruru said his reason was to show his support for the Palestine struggle against Israel.

“This Hitler symbol that I style on the sacred UMS stage is because the world is blind and deaf when Jews rule as if Islamic countries are clowns for the world’s entertainment.

“Therefore, in solidarity with Gaza and because of anger, hatred and vengeance towards Jews. Therefore, I thank Hitler for the Holocaust,” he wrote in Malay, hashtagging it #SaveGaza and #Pray4Palestine.

The response among Malaysian social media users has been swift and scathing.

Malaysian Twitter and Facebook users reposted his picture onto their own accounts, but were critical in their comments.

Twitter user Putri N. Balqis @ayypueri appeared flabbergasted by the stunt and was among those who highlighted the controversial picture, saying “I kid you not” to express her shock.

She later claimed the graduate to be a history major.

Other Malaysians were quick to denounce Ibn Ruru and countered his comment, pointing out that as a Malay, the graduate would be in the same boat as the Jews were the Nazis still in power.

“Hitler-praising Muslims always seem to forget that if we had lived under Nazi leadership, we would probably have been persecuted as well,” Syafiqah Othman tweeted under the handle @Sfqomhz.

Ibn Ruru’s post was removed from Facebook yesterday after several reports were made against it for violation of the Facebook Community Standards.

In a follow-up post, Ibn Ruru claimed he was only joking when he made that post.

Malay Mail has contacted University Malaysia Sabah for comment.

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