A sad goodbye to Huang Wenyong

A sad goodbye to Huang Wenyong

22 April – Veteran Mediacorp actor, Huang Wenyong passed away on Saturday at age 60 with his wife, son and daughter by his bedside at the Singapore General Hospital.

The actor, who was working as a teacher in his hometown of Kuala Lumpur before becoming an actor in 1980, died of a rare form of lymphoma after six-months of chemotherapy.

Best remembered as Ah Shui from "The Awakening" whom he starred alongside Xiang Yun, the actor's death came as a heartbreaking one for friends and fans who have grown up watching his acting.

Tributes for the well-respected veteran flooded the internet. This year's Star Awards too, paid special tribute to Huang, with Mediacorp CEO, Shawn Seow saying: "We will forever remember him. The role of Ah Shui he played in "The Awakening". He's contributed a lot to local TV. He was always hard working, always improving his craft."

The local icon will have a five-day wake at the Teochew funeral parlour, which began on Sunday.

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