SAF regular 'loses both legs, arm': report

An SAF regular has reportedly lost both legs and an arm. (Yahoo! photo)

[UPDATE 12 Dec, 858AM: Condition of SAF serviceman]

A  Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) regular serviceman who was critically injured following a routine exercise on board a navy ship on Monday afternoon has reportedly lost both legs and an arm.

Weapons systems supervisor, Military Expert (ME) 2 Jason Chee Weng Fai was caught between a motorised winch and rope as he was checking the berthing rope on board the RSS Endeavour.

According to The Straits Times, the 29-year-old lost his limbs and remains in critical condition at Changi General Hospital following emergency surgery.

Quoting a Defence Ministry official, the daily broadsheet added that fault equipment could have been the cause of the accident on Monday.

Local media have also reported that a two-day "safety time out" has been called on all naval training exercises to allow the Defence Ministry to carry out a review of safety and training procedures.

It is expected to be lifted later on Wednesday.

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