Salma Hayek says she was 'nervous' about wearing see-through dress to movie premiere: 'I don't want to be sucking it in'

Salma Hayek stuns in a see-through dress at the premiere for
Salma Hayek stuns in a see-through dress at the premiere of Magic Mike's Last Dance. (Photo: Getty Images)

Salma Hayek made headlines when she wore a see-through dress to the Magic Mike's Last Dance premiere in Miami. And although she wore the look with confidence, she previously admitted to Glamour that she was having second thoughts about her ensemble.

"I'm nervous about it," she told the publication, referring to the fishnet Oscar de la Renta dress. "I might not wear it…but I'm surprised I looked good in it."

Hayek shared that she was most self-conscious about her stomach being on display and shared her insecurities with her daughter prior to the event. "Honey, you see the belly, you see that I have a belly. And I don’t want to be sucking it in,'" she recalled saying to Valentina, 15. "And then I said, 'You know what? Screw that. I'm 56, everything else looks good.'"

Luckily, the 56-year-old did wear the look, which caught the attention of many — including her film's co-star, Channing Tatum. At the premiere, the actor said that he had "no comment" on the look, adding that the dress spoke for itself.

While Hayek doesn't always seem shy about showing her body off, as she's posted a number of bikini photos on her social media, the actress credited movement for feeling comfortable in her skin.

"Dance — make sure you're sensual for yourself. Dance by yourself when nobody's watching. And don't look at yourself in the mirror when you're dancing. Blindfold yourself and feel you. Feel your body and feel how it interacts with space," she told Glamour. "Have fun, laugh, make yourself laugh. Tell yourself a joke. Be silly when nobody's watching. It's about that time you spend with yourself."

Ultimately, she also finds it important to not take any of it too seriously.

"I work really hard and sometimes I'm really tired," she explained. "I'm too tired to be sexy, to think sexy. And you have to say, 'Oh, that's OK too.'"

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