Senior CPIB officer being investigated: TNP report

A senior officer with the CPIB is under investigation, according to a TNP report.

A senior officer with the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau is currently being investigated for embezzlement, reported The New Paper on Thursday. 

CPIB has confirmed it is investigating one of its own, and in a reply to the paper said, "Upon discovery of suspected financial impropriety by one of its officers, the CPIB referred the matter to the CAD for investigation".

The CAD refers to the Commercial Affairs Department, which usually investigates white collar crimes. It also confirmed it is looking into the matter.

The man being investigated is believed to hold the position of assistant director and he has reportedly been suspended from duty.

It's the second case in recent days of an investigation involving a civil servant.

Over the weekend, The Sunday Times reported that an assistant director with the Media Development Authority of Singapore is being investigated for trying to borrow money from applicants who are seeking an MDA grant.  

It's understood the officer, who is single and in his 30s, has also been suspended from duty.