How to build Silver Wolf in Honkai Star Rail

Silver Wolf can inflict a host of debuffs on enemies, including DEF shred and an additional elemental weakness!

Silver Wolf makes her debut in Honkai: Star Rail as the featured 5-star of the first half of version 1.1! She's a Quantum Nihility character that inflicts tons of debuffs on enemies, here's how you can best utilise her. (Photos: HoYoverse)
Silver Wolf makes her debut in Honkai: Star Rail as the featured 5-star of the first half of version 1.1! She's a Quantum Nihility character that inflicts tons of debuffs on enemies, here's how you can best utilise her. (Photos: HoYoverse)

Honkai: Star Rail version 1.1, the game’s first major update since its release, is finally here!

Headlining this new version is the debut of new 5-star character Silver Wolf, the genius hacker of the Stellaron Hunters. She first appeared at the start of the game’s story, breaking into the Herta Space Station alongside Kafka to implant a Stellaron into the Trailblazer and set into motion their adventure aboard the Astral Express.

Silver Wolf wields the Quantum element and follows the Path of Nihility. She boasts a powerful kit that inflicts a host of debuffs on enemies and can even give them an additional elemental weakness.

With her ability to weaken any enemy, Silver Wolf will be a valuable addition to your roster that can fit into virtually any team. Here’s how you build her.

Silver Wolf’s kit and how you can best utilise her

L33t hacker, pwner of n00bs

As a Nihility character, Silver Wolf specialises in weakening enemies by inflicting them with a host of debuffs. She can give enemies an additional elemental weakness with her skill, reduce their DEF with her ultimate, and inflict them with a host of debilitating debuffs with her talent.

Silver Wolf’s skill, Allow Changes?, targets a single enemy and inflicts them with an additional elemental weakness depending on the elemental alignment of the characters in your party while reducing their DMG RES for 2 turns.

At level 10, this skill has a 85% base chance to trigger, though it will not activate if the enemy is already weak to the elemental weakness being added. If Silver Wolf uses this skill on the same enemy, the most recent additional elemental weakness will be kept.

Silver Wolf’s ultimate, User Banned, reduces a single target’s DEF for 3 turns while also dealing a hefty amount of Quantum DMG. At level 10, her ultimate will reduce its target’s DEF by a whopping 45%, greatly boosting your party’s damage output against that one enemy.

As if her skill and ultimate couldn’t weaken an enemy enough, Silver Wolf can use her talent, Awaiting System Response…, to inflict one of three random debuffs to any target she uses her normal attacks, skill, or ultimate on.

The three debuffs Silver Wolf can inflict will either reduce an enemy’s ATK, DEF, or Speed for 3 turns.

Silver Wolf’s major Traces extends the duration of the debuffs she implants with her skill and talent while also increasing the DMG RES reduction she can inflict.

Her A2 Trace, Generate, extends the duration of the debuffs she implants with her talent to 4 turns. In addition, inflicting a Weakness Break on an enemy gives a 65% base chance for Silver Wolf to implant an additional debuff.

Silver Wolf’s A4 Trace, Inject, extends the duration of the additional elemental weakness she inflicts with her skill to 3 turns. Meanwhile, her A6 Trace, Side Note, further decreases an enemy’s DMG RES by 5% if it has three or more debuffs when targeted with her skill.

Finally, using Silver Wolf’’s Technique, Force Quit Program, to start a battle deals Quantum DMG to all enemies while reducing their Toughness meter regardless of what elemental weaknesses they may have.

Should you trigger Weakness Break in this way, the Quantum Weakness Break effect will trigger and apply the Entanglement debuff on the broken enemy. Entanglement delays their action and deals Quantum at the start of the next turn, which can be boosted by attacking the Entangled enemy.

In battle, use Silver Wolf’s skill and ultimate on a target enemy to give them an additional elemental weakness and reduce their DEF. If that wasn’t enough to trigger her talent and give that enemy an additional debuff, don’t be afraid to use her normal attacks.

Keep in mind that all of Silver Wolf’s abilities are single-target, so she is at her best when facing bosses or strong single-unit enemies. But while she can’t weaken an entire mob of enemies in one action, her debuffs last long enough that you can use her abilities on one enemy after another over the course of multiple turns.

Since Silver Wolf’s technique ignores all elemental weaknesses, she is almost always the best choice to start battles with. The guaranteed reduction to the enemy’s Toughness meter can let you breeze through battles that normally would take you some time to get through.

Silver Wolf's best equipment

Light cones

Silver Wolf’s best Light Cone is, of course, her signature, Incessant Rain. This Light Cone passively implants a random enemy with Aether Code each time its wielder starts their turn. When an enemy implanted with Aether Code is inflicted with Weakness Break, it is dealt an additional instance of DMG equal to 80% of its wielder’s ATK.

In addition, this Light Cone also inflicts an additional DMG instance equal to 40% of its wielder’s ATK if they have more than 3 debuffs on them, which is easily achievable with Silver Wolf.

A 5-star alternative for Silver Wolf is In the Name of the World, which increases her DMG against debuffed enemies by 20%. In addition, it increases her Effect Hit Rate and ATK by 20% each when she uses her skill.

With that said, don’t feel forced to get 5-star Light Cones for your Silver Wolf to become strong. She has some great 4-star options, including a free, event-exclusive one that goes with free superimpositions.

Before the Tutorial Mission Starts can be acquired for free by completing the ‘Starhunt Game’ event in version 1.1. This Light Cone increases its wielder’s Effect Hit Rate by 20%, helping Silver Wolf reliably inflict her host of debuffs, while also regenerating energy whenever they attack an enemy whose DEF has been reduced.

Another solid 4-star option for Silver Wolf is Good Night and Sleep Well, which increases the DMG dealt by its wielder by 12% for each debuff the target enemy has, stacking up to 3 times.


As for Silver Wolf’s relics, her best Cavern of Corrosion relic set options are either the 4-piece Genius of Brilliant Stars set or the 4-piece Thief of Shooting Meteor set.

The 4-piece Genius of Brilliant Stars set increases her Quantum DMG by 10%. It also lets her ignore 10% of the enemy’s DEF when attacking, with this bonus getting doubled if the attacked enemy has a Quantum weakness.

Meanwhile, the 4-piece Thief of Shooting Meteor set increases her Break Effect by 16% while also regenerating her energy whenever she inflicts Weakness Break on an enemy.

For Silver Wolf’s Planar Ornament relics, you can either go for the 2-piece Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise set (World 5) or the 2-piece Talia: Kingdom of Banditry set (World 4).

The 2-piece Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise set increases Silver Wolf’s Effect Hit Rate by 10% while also increasing her ATK by an amount equal to 25% of her Effect Hit Rate, up to 25%.

Meanwhile, the 2-piece Talia: Kingdom of Banditry set increases Silver Wolf’s Break Effect by 20%. She gets an additional 28% bonus Break Effect if her Speed reaches 145 or higher.

The main stats you should go for are either Effect Hit Rate, ATK%, or Crit Rate/Crit DMG for the Body, depending on which stat isn’t already being boosted by Silver Wolf’s other equipment. Get Speed for the Feet, ATK% or Quantum DMG Bonus for the Planar Sphere, and Break Effect, Energy Regen Rate, or ATK% for the Link Rope.

Finally, the relic substats you should look for are ATK%, Speed, Effect Hit Rate, and Crit Rate/DMG.

Silver Wolf's best teammates

Silver Wolf’s strong kit lets her slot into virtually any team as the debuffer and Sub DPS. She is especially potent in teams where the party members only have one or two elemental alignments so you can reliably add the elemental weakness you want with her skill.

When adding Silver Wolf to your team, she is most effective when they only have one element (or two, with her own Quantum alignment as the second). For example, Silver Wolf slots in nicely in a mono Physical lineup featuring her alongside Clara, Sushang, and Natasha.

Otherwise, Silver Wolf works nicely in dual-element compositions, notably being the best support for Quantum DPS characters like Seele and Qingque. You can then add two more characters of a certain elemental alignment to round out your team, with the choice depending on which defensive support you’ll be using.

If you’re going with Natasha as your healer, you can add another DPS to your team like Clara, Sushang, or the Destruction Trailblazer. If your choice of healer is Bailu, you can get Serval as another DPS or Tingyun as a buffer.

If your shielder is the Preservation Trailblazer, then you can add Asta as a buffer or Hook as another DPS. If Gepard is the one providing you shields, then you can go with March 7th for even more shields, Pela for more DEF shred, or even Yanqing or Herta for another DPS.

Honkai: Star Rail version 1.1 released on 7 June, with Silver Wolf being the featured 5-star for the first half. The second half of this version will see the debuts of 5-star Imaginary Preservation character Luocha and 4-star Imaginary Harmony character Yukong.

If you're still torn on whether or not you should pull for Silver Wolf, Luocha, or Yukong, then we can help you decide.

Honkai: Star Rail version 1.1 is expected to last until mid-July. After version 1.1 comes version 1.2, which will see the debuts of Kafka, Blade, and Luka.

Honkai: Star Rail officially launched on 26 April on PC, Android, and iOS. The game will also be made available on PlayStation some time after release. You can download the game here.

If you're still just starting with Honkai: Star Rail or want to try the game out for yourself, we've got you covered! You can check our beginner's guide, guide to building the starter characters, and guide to its gacha system.

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