"Sing! China" responds to Eason Chan controversy

16 Oct - The producers of "Sing! China" have recently released a statement in response to the speculations caused by Eason Chan's recent interview.

As reported on ET Today, Eason recently went on his ViuTV talk show and spoke about his experience of becoming one of the talent show's mentors in the recently concluded season.

The talkative star shared several details about the show, including that the show's co-director suggested that he and another mentor, Na Ying push the button on a contestant that they won't usually select; and that a contestant was even allowed to go through the blind audition twice.

The confession sparked speculations that the show was indeed rigged.

However, on 13 October, the show published its statement on its official Weibo, saying that Eason's words were misconstrued by those who saw the talk show.

They admitted that according to the rules, some contestants are allowed to go through the blind auditions the second time as long as it is agreed among the mentors and the producers. This sometimes happen when the mentors change their minds about the decision not to pick the talent, or when there isn't enough number of talents being picked.

It stressed that such a system exists widely in music competitions, and gave the example of last year, when contestant Vinida was able to audition twice.

The statement also reminded everybody that Eason did mention in his interview that he joined the show wanting to know if there was any unfair proceedings, but stated that he believe that there was none.

(Photo source: ETtoday.net)