Singapore billionaire Peter Lim files police reports over online scams linked to him

Peter Lim, Valencia owner. Photo: Reuters
Peter Lim, Valencia owner. Photo: Reuters

Singaporean billionaire and Valencia football club owner Peter Lim has lodged two police reports over online scams using his name and photos.

Several Facebook accounts have claimed to be Lim’s but he does not have a Facebook or any other social media account, said a statement issued by his firm Kestrel Capital on Thursday (5 October). At least one member of the public was supposedly scammed into travelling for a purported meeting outside of Singapore with Lim, said the statement.

Another scam claimed that Lim endorsed investments in a cryptocurrency, with at least one person reportedly falling victim to such a scam. Last year, Lim made a police report over online articles linking him to investment scams.

“Mr Lim is concerned that unsuspecting members of the public may be misled by all these false claims and suffer personal losses,” said the statement.

Members of the public are advised to protect themselves against false claims to avoid becoming potential scam victims and refrain from circulating such claims, it added.

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