Singapore Zoo lions have recovered from COVID-19, exhibit to reopen

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Lions at the Singapore Zoo.
Lions at the Singapore Zoo. (PHOTO: Xinhua/Deng Zhiwei via Getty Images)

AVS UPDATE: The five lions at the Mandai Wildlife Group's Singapore Zoo and Night Safari were infected by the more contagious Delta strain.

SINGAPORE — Singapore Zoo will reopen its African lion exhibit on Saturday (27 November), with the lions having fully recovered after testing positive for COVID-19 earlier this month.

Mandai Wildlife Group said in a media statement on Friday that the Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS) lifted the isolation order on the lions on Tuesday, as they no longer showed any symptoms.

The whole lion pride had been quarantined and closely monitored by the zoo's veterinarians and animal care team since the detection of the coronavirus among them on 9 November.

However, the Night Safari's Asiatic lions – four of which were also tested positive for COVID-19 – remain in isolation with mild symptoms.

"All the lions are bright, alert and recovering well. The animal care and veterinary teams continue to provide them with the necessary care and ensure they stay well hydrated," Mandai Wildlife Group said in the media statement.

The lions had contracted the coronavirus upon exposure to staff who had also tested positive. Mandai Wildlife Group said that the infected keepers have fully recovered and are back to work, and no other species have been observed to be exhibiting symptoms of the virus.

Zoos and wildlife parks across the United States have increasingly chosen to vaccinate their animals against the virus, some after reporting cases of infection among their mammals.

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