Singaporean hopes, dreams and fears expressed in ‘Our Singapore Conversation’ video

In every society, some people would be a late bloomer and they should be given the same opportunity. By doing so, we are giving more possibility to different people and different talents, to excel in their own way.

The flats now easily cost $300,000 to $400,000. Our children may not be able to afford to buy houses in the future. I hope prices of flats can be controlled, so that my children can have their own homes.

Medical costs keep increasing, more than what I can afford. I have money in the MediSave account but there is a cap on how much I can use. I cannot afford to fall sick.

The government should focus on the values of this country instead of running Singapore like a corporation. Planning and foresight has been what brought us from where we were to where we are now.

I hope the government shows us that it takes our suggestions seriously. Even if it’s unable to implement some of the suggestions, they should at least let us know why.

These are among the honest, no-holds barred views of the thousands of Singaporeans who took part in the year-long Our Singapore Conversation process.

The summary of their hopes, dreams and fears – expressed in English, Malay and Mandarin – have now been captured in an original video.

Shot by a group of film students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic -- with the help of local film producer N Mohamed Yahssir --  the touching 4-minute video depicts typical scenes from Singapore life, making sure to include the sometimes-marginalised sections of society such as ex-offenders, the disabled and aged and foreign workers. 

The video will accompany a 48-page news magazine entitled “Reflections” which will be released this Saturday.

Announced in August 2012, the OSC – initiated by PM Lee and chaired by Education Minister Heng Swee Keat -- called for a frank discussion involving Singaporeans from all walks of life about the kind of Singapore they envisioned in the next 20 years. 

“Think seriously about our future, and contribute your ideas and work together to make it happen,” said PM Lee at the time.

Over the last year, over 47,000 participants took part in hundreds of focus group sessions held in libraries, community centres, heartland coffeeshops and eateries islandwide.

Earlier this year, OSC released the 12 different perspectives of the kind of country Singaporeans envisioned.

PM Lee is expected to address some of these themes during his National Day Rally on Sunday, 18 August.