Singaporean male nurse pleads guilty to sexual assault in Melbourne


Getty Images file photo

A 34-year-old Singaporean man has pleaded guilty in a Melbourne court to sexually assaulting three women, one of whom was a patient at the hospital where he worked as a nurse.

In 2015, while working as a nurse in a hospital in Melbourne, Jefferson Augustine woke a patient up in order to apply cream to her genitals.

Months later, Augustine sexually assaulted a tourist from Belgium who was “couch-surfing” at his home in March 2016. According to Australian media reports, the police found photos on his phone showing him assaulting her.

A few days after the incident with the Belgian tourist, Augustine raped a female tenant who moved into his home. Reports said that after the woman moved into Augustine’s room for rent, the pair had a meal and a few drinks. The woman subsequently woke up naked in a bedroom with Augustine next to her. The police found photos of Augustine sexually assaulting the unconscious woman on his phone. Augustine initially denied the rape claim, saying the sex was consensual.

Augustine remains in custody until his plea is heard again on 26 April.