SingTel, M1, Starhub release iPhone 5 plans, prices

Fann Sim
20 September 2012
SingTel, M1 and Starhub has revealed their price plans for the new iPhone 5. (Getty Images)
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SingTel, M1 and Starhub has revealed their price plans for the new iPhone 5. (Getty Images)

The highly-anticipated new iPhone 5 will be available on Friday and looking at the plans released by SingTel, Starhub and M1, the swanky new smartphone will cost you anywhere from $0 to $768.

Here’s a quick rundown on how much the new iPhone will cost if you get the cheapest plan.

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Comparing the price of iPhone 5, M1 offers the cheapest iPhone 5 at $430 if you sign up for the iPhone Value+. M1’s plan is priced at $39, between SingTel and Starhub’s price plans and offers more talk time and lesser SMS/MMS.

Re-contracting M1 customers also get an additional 1GB added to their bundled data making it 3GB.

SingTel and Starhub might offer 200 more SMS, but prices for the iPhone 5 are higher at $478 and $473. Offering more SMSes might not work in attracting subscribers since most smartphone users are on chat application WhatsApp.

If you want to get your iPhone 5 for free and don’t mind paying sky-high monthly subscription, here are the prices.

For free iPhone 5s, M1’s monthly subscription is the cheapest at $198 with unlimited talk time and 2000 SMSes.

Starhub’s iPhone 5 64GB is the most expensive at $78 despite having a similar plan to Singtel.

Contract-less iPhone 5s are available from the Apple store with the 16GB model retailing at $948, 32GB model at $1,088 and the 64GB model at $1,238. Apple has limited its sales to two iPhone 5 per customer.

Nano-SIM cards

The new iPhone 5 will require a nano-SIM cards, different from the Micro SIM used in iPhone 4. Subscribers will have to pay for the new nano-SIM when they purchase the new smartphone.

For M1, customers will have to pay $26.75 to get a nano-SIM.

For Starhub, new subscribers will have to pay a one-time $37.45 for the SIM card while existing customers will have to pay $21.40 when they upgrade from older models of the SIM card, such as the USIM or Micro SIM, to the new nano-SIM card.

For the full listing of price plans click here: SingTel, M1 and Starhub.

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