Bridal agency's closure leaves couples in the lurch: Case

(PHOTO: For You Wedding Services/Facebook)
(PHOTO: For You Wedding Services/Facebook)

At least six couples have allegedly been left in the lurch following bridal agency For You Wedding Services’ closure, said the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) on Tuesday (31 July).

The consumer watchdog said in a news release that it had received six complaints between 22 and 30 July claiming that the company had abruptly cancelled wedding package contracts and is now uncontactable.

The complainants said they had been paying monthly instalments for their wedding packages, with the total amount coming to about $108,000.

A check on the company’s Facebook page showed at least a half-dozen complaints and one-star ratings under its most recent reviews. Its business website also appeared to be no longer in use.

Consumers are advised to purchase wedding insurance that covers business insolvency so as to ensure that their pre-payments are protected if the bridal agency closes down abruptly, said Case.

They should also conduct research into a bridal agency’s track record before taking on its services and should aim to minimise the deposit amount required as much as possible while never making full payments upfront, the watchdog added.

Customers with unresolved disputes against the company can contact Case for further assistance at 6100 0315 or at

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