Sleekr, iSeller join forces to automate financial recording process for SMEs

Anisa Menur
Sleekr, iSeller join forces to automate financial recording process for SMEs

By integrating their API, Sleekr and iSeller expect to help SMEs eliminate unnecessary mistakes and modernise their businesses

Sleekr CEO and Co-Founder Suwandi Soh (left) and iSeller CEO Jimmy Petrus

Indonesian human resource (HR) management and accounting platform Sleekr and omnichannel commerce platform iSeller on Tuesday in Jakarta announced a new partnership that aims to automate financial recording process for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), particularly franchised businesses.

The two platforms have integrated their API to give users an integrated solutions for sales record and bookkeeping, enabling iSeller users to see their financial records on Sleekr Accounting platform “quickly and easily.”

In addition to an integrated front-end and back-end, the partnership will also bring both companies’ assets and resources to market the integrated version of their platform, in form of a bundled packag.

The two companies also cited long-term plan to reach out to SMEs in the Southeast Asian region.

In a press statement, iSeller CEO Jimmy Petrus said that the companies aim to “eliminate mistakes made through manual work process, and to help business owners modernise and move their business forward.”

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Launched in October 2015, Sleekr started off as a human resource management platform before announcing a merger with accounting platform Kiper.

The startup has recently been reported to have raised a funding round from its Japanese counterpart Money Forward.

It named companies from various industries such as fellow tech startups such as Go-Life, Tokopedia, and SaleStock as clients. They also include F&B and hospitality businesses as clients such as Collete&Lola, Queen’s Tandoor, Harriston Hotel, and Hotel Mercure Sabang.

iSeller provides sales and inventory management solutions for both offline and online retailer, through the use of Android-based point-of-sales (POS) app for offline retailer and an e-commerce platform for online retailer.

It claimed to have more than 50 clients globally including names such as Hutchison 3, Watsons, Urban Twist, Gloria Jeans Coffee, Orchid Forest Resort, Muju Avenue, FoodHub, and Vivaneta.

Image Credit: Sleekr

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