Panda-mania: Daily hour-long videos of Singapore's 1st panda cub on WRS' YouTube channel

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SINGAPORE — Those eager to closely observe Singapore's first panda cub can do so from today via a daily hour-long "broadcast" on the Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS)'s YouTube channel.

The WRS during a press briefing on Thursday (26 August) unveiled "Panda Sneak Peek", which launched at 4pm. The daily "broadcast" at the same time is a pre-recorded compilation of the cub's day-to-day progress as well as interactions with its mother Jia Jia.

Visitors to the zoo can also observe Jia Jia and the cub via a panda cam being screened at the Giant Panda Forest from Thursday.

Visitors can expect to see the cub in the flesh when it is around four months old, sometime in December.

The cub's gender and name have not been determined yet. The zoo plans to unveil its name once the cub reaches 100 days old, an important milestone for babies in Chinese culture, and will be getting feedback from the community on what to name it.

"The choice of a name is significant, and we have agreed with our panda partners in China to name our cub within the first 100 days. We have seen many suggestions by netizens and the public has also emailed their ideas to us," WRS said.

Jia Jia and her cub. (PHOTO: WRS)
Jia Jia and her cub. (PHOTO: WRS)

Singapore's first panda cub was conceived via artificial insemination and was born on 14 August at River Safari to Kai Kai and Jia Jia. The two giant pandas arrived in 2012 on a 10-year loan from China and the zoo is in talks to get an extension for their stay here in Singapore.

Under the loan agreement, should Jia Jia give birth, the cub will be sent back to China upon reaching two years old, as part of the original agreement with China Wildlife Conservation Association, in line with the WRS’ commitment to the conservation of endangered species.

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