SNSD's song accused of plagiarism

SNSD's song accused of plagiarism

21 Oct – Rumour has it that SNSD's new single "The Boys" that was composed by Teddy Riley is a plagiarised song, as reported by soompi website.

In a Japanese online community called 2CH (Two Channel), the song in question was highly debated for being a product of plagiarism. It was accused of copying an original soundtrack from the anime movie, "Macross Frontier", entitled "Pink Monsoon".

However many SNSD's loyal fans argued that it is just an irrational claim by anti-Korean-Japanese sentiments.

According to the SNSD's fans, "It is clear that the Japanese seem tired of the Hallyu stars, but they exaggerated with the plagiarism story."

Japanese anti-Korean fans' accusation provoked SNSD's fans in Japan and Korea as well, and they responded by attacking anti-Korean blogs.

Meanwhile, with the latest single finally out, many are questioning SNSD's departure from their usual catchy sound to a much more American-friendly sound.

According to SNSD's management company SM Entertainment, the reason behind their choice of "The Boys" as SNSD's title track was because they saw this song as another "turning point." Their opinion was that since SNSD's new album would be released worldwide at the same time, and since it was obligatory for them to go "worldwide," they did not want to repeat the same kind of music as was the typical SNSD style.

An associate of SM Entertainment has revealed, "In the meaning that this album is being released at the same time throughout the world, it has the meaning of opening a new act to SNSD. Although it is a new track originating from Korea, it is not an exclusive new song for Korea. At this point, we also didn't want to settle for the music following the typical formula for success and wanted to make a new venture."