Somali pirate leader 'Big Mouth' nabbed in undercover Belgian operation

Johannesburg, Oct. 15 (ANI): Somalia's most notorious pirate leader, also known as "Big Mouth", has been arrested at Brussels airport after being lured into making a documentary reflecting his life as a pirate.

Mohamed Abdi Hassan, alias Afweyne, is facing charges of kidnapping and piracy over the 2009 capture of Belgian ship, the Pompei, News24 reports.

He was arrested along with his accomplice, Mohamed Aden Tiiceey, former governor of Himan and Heeb state in central Somalia, the federal prosecutor Johan Delmulle said.

The prosecutor said Tiiceey was used to lure Afweyne for collaborating as an advisor and expert on a film project on maritime piracy.

Afweyne and Tiiceey were taken into custody when they landed at the airport on Saturday morning to sign the movie contract, the report added. (ANI)