Snap makes Spectacles easier to use with new edit tool

Igor Bonifacic
·Contributing Writer
·1-min read

If you happen to own a pair of Spectacles that have been collecting dust, a new software update may get you to use them again. Snap is introducing two new features -- Long Snap and Trim -- that address some of its wearable's more notable shortcomings.

The first one allows you to record up to 60 seconds of video as a single Snap. While that might not seem like a big deal, it's a significant improvement over the previous 10 seconds per clip limit. Unfortunately, recording a longer video is just as clunky as it is filming multiple consecutive clips. You have to tap the record button each time you want to extend your Snap by another 10 seconds. If you own an older pair of Spectacles, there's another thing to keep in mind. Snap's first- and second-generation devices can only record up to 30 seconds at once.

The second feature allows you to edit a Snap to make it more concise. You can access the Trim functionality by swiping up to the Memories interface and then tapping on the clip you want to tweak. Much like Apple's Clips app and other mobile video editing apps, there's a timeline along the bottom of the interface that allows you to change when the segment starts and ends. You can save your new clip as a separate Snap, so you won't lose the original if you ever want to reshare it or return to it later.

While neither new feature will make Snap's Spectacles into something more than a novelty, people who already own the wearable will appreciate the continued support. Long Snap and Trim are available today on iOS.