Spotted: A Sunrise Alarm Clock Is On Sale On Amazon Today

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Want a better way to wake up? A sunrise alarm clock might be for you.  (Photo: HuffPost)

Figuring out how to get enough sleep is hard, but waking up in the morning is even harder. 

It doesn’t help that most of us rely on the anxiety-inducing trill of our phone alarms to wake us up. We start our day fumbling over the nightstand or searching through our sheets to hit snooze. That’s a sure way to get up on the wrong side of the bed.  

What if every morning could be like a lazy Saturday morning, when you rise with the sun at your own leisure? Fortunately, you can silence that alarm for good and begin your weekday a bit more relaxed with this latest Amazon deal.

The FitFort Wake Up Light Alarm Clock has a 4.6-star rating, more than 1,000 reviews and normally retails for $50. But on Tuesday, Feb. 18 we spotted it on sale for just $32 on Amazon.

What if every morning could be like a lazy Saturday morning?  (Photo: Amazon)

The FitFort Wake Up Light Alarm Clock works by gradually increasing its light and color to gently stimulate and wake you up before the set alarm time. You can create separate alarms for workdays and weekends, and even enable a second set of alarms for a partner. It also offers a nine minute snooze option for the days when you could use a few more minutes in bed.

We’ve previously recommended sunrise alarm clocks as a perfect gift for restless sleepers who could use better shuteye. That’s because a previous study showed that light exposure during the last 30 minutes of sleep increased alertness and improved mental and physical awareness after waking. Sounds promising, right? 

With the FitFort Wake Up Light Alarm Clock, you’ll also get a wide selection of natural sounds with 16-level volume adjustments, so you can start your morning with the sound of birds chirping or lull yourself to sleep with soothing ocean waves. You can also set the lights to gradually dim before bedtime to help you unwind.

Still not convinced this sunrise alarm clock deserves a spot on your nightstand? The multiple color and brightness options can allow it to be used as a bedside lamp, night light or reading light. It also has a built in radio and USB charing port for your phone, making it the all-in-one answer for your nightstand. 



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