‘Suspicious substance’ found at Woodleigh MRT Station: police

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    It's better be safe than sorry. They are doing a good job.
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    Brace yourself for more incidents such as this. The terrorists will continue to create more false alarms so that when the real threat happens it will be taken lightly.

    The terrorists know the cry wolf story.
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    Tom Li
    Stay vigilant. There are things you may not see beneath the surface. With all the global turmoil, distractions create vulnerabilities. Stay very vigilant!
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    Overreacting as always.
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    Can frequent train service breakdown and disruption be the work of internal terrorists.
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    LOL.................................. Just look at the "smart" oppies comments here which clearly tells you so much of "smart" oppies mentality & etc....... Jezzzzzz Government don't do cannot, do also cannot, really don't know what these "smart" oppies want !!!!! They just KPKB for the sake of KPKB, whatever the issue, just to fulfill their agenda here and that is to try their best to destabilize Singapore, whatever it takes !!!!!!!
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    Why all white monkeys collect fat salary and still not able to solve simple problem ?
    Now even their Black monkeys also start come out disturb our residents.
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    Imported too many foreigners into Singapore, now started to "Kan Cheong" over every small thing............sad isn't it?
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    NTUC member
    some ppl want spoil SG,
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    Relax and Enjoy
    Must oppies doing. So they must be ISA.