Taliban renames University of Burhanuddin Rabbani to Kabul Education University

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Kabul [Afghanistan], September 21 (ANI): The Taliban on Monday officially changed the name of a government university in the name of Burhanuddin Rabbani-former Afghan President and founder of Afghanistan's second-biggest political party- to Kabul Education University.

An official directive released by the Ministry of Higher Education reads, universities are the intellectual assets of Afghanistan and should not be named after political or ethnic leaders, reported The Khaama Press News Agency.

The directive reads that lingual, regional, and ethnic discrimination have prevailed in Afghanistan in the past two decades and national places were named based on those.

The university was named after Burhanuddin Rabbani after he was killed in a suicide attack in his home in 2009.

At the time, the decision roused anger among the students of the university that led to wide protests that had turned violent and inflicted casualties to students, reported The Khaama Press News Agency.

Earlier, the Taliban changed the name of Hamid Karzai International Airport to its previous name-Kabul International Airport and the name of Maoud square to its previous name-Public health square in Kabul.

Earlier, the Taliban had also removed Uzbek from official language status.

The law entitled "Fundamentals" indicates the official religion of Afghanistan Sunni Islam of the Hanafi madhhab, as well as its official Languages-Pashto and Dari. Earlier in Afghanistan, along with them, the Uzbek language had an official status, which is spoken by many residents of the northern provinces. In addition, there is a sizable Shiite community in the country, consisting mainly of Hazaras, reported The Frontier Post.

The Taliban issued an interim law for Afghanistan, which establishes a new system of government and leaves two official languages instead of the three previously enshrined in the legislation, the document was sent to RIA Novosti by a source in the movement. (ANI)