Terrified Indonesian boy spends three hours up on the roof to dodge circumcision

Milad Hassandarvish
An Indonesian boy stays up on a roof for three hours to avoid getting circumcised. ― Picture via Facebook/anik.sutari.5

KUALA LUMPUR, July 12 ― Circumcision is a quick procedures, common among Muslims.

For a terrified Indonesian boy from Serang, capital of the westernmost province of Indonesia’s island of Java ― the horrors associated with the snip saw him fleeing the scene, to sit in safety at the top of the roof of a building for three hours.

Serang-based Dr Anik Sutari recently took to Facebook her unusual and humorous experience dealing with the five-year-old boy.

“Throughout my 20-year professional history performing circumcision on thousands of children, this is the first time I’ve seen a child flee to the top of the roof,” Dr Anik said in her post.

She said everybody at the house tried to talk the boy down, but none of them dared to come up to the roof, fearing the child might turn away and endanger his safety.

After two hours of waiting, Dr Anik said there were still no signs of the child giving in, until the parents decided to call the boy’s teacher.

“Soon after the teacher arrived, he managed to talk the boy down,” she added.

“The child even walked alone to the place where the circumcision was going to take place and positioned himself for the procedure without being led or forced by anyone.”

Dr Anik also said the boy didn’t struggle, cry or complain of pain throughout the procedure, which only took 10 minutes.

The Facebook post, which has garnered many amusing comments from other users has since been shared more than 1,000 times and liked more than 2,500 times.

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