Tesla stock rises upon Elon Musk’s teasing of ‘Master Plan 3’ ahead of 2023 investor day

Tesla stock rose on Wednesday as anticipation builds for the company's investor day on March 1.

Video transcript

DAVE BRIGGS: OK, closing things out here with Tesla, shares closing higher as CEO Elon Musk teases out his master plan, part three, in a tweet, last night writing, quote, "Master plan three, the path to a fully sustainable energy future for Earth will be presented on March 1st," ending it with, the future is bright. No subtle promises, no subtle guarantees when it comes to Mr. Musk, Pras. What is this master plan?

PRAS SUBRAMANIAN: Yeah, you kind of got to tease out what he's alluding to, right? And he's talking about not just our sustainable future in terms of energy creation, but also what are you going to be driving there, right? That's their company. That's the whole thing. So, you know, obviously, a couple of takeaways that I'm thinking, a couple things I'm looking forward to on March 1st, is, are we going to hear more about that Gen 3 cheap platform, that robotaxi? Musk says he needs to see 20 million cars made by 2030 a year to kind of see that vision.

Probably going to result in 12 new gigafactories, so we're going to hear more about when are they going to make those factories, right? Where are they going to be? And also, what about resources? Are we going to see more deals for lithium and cobalt, things like that? They have a deal now for a lithium refinery in Texas. Are we going to hear more about that? How are they going to bring those resources in? Finally, you know, that clean energy, where is it coming from? Batteries? Megapacks? Are they going to build more mega--

DAVE BRIGGS: Megapacks.


DAVE BRIGGS: That's what I want to hear all about. I don't know if we will. I don't know if investors are going to be disappointed.