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‘Camping stove heat plume’

A Schlieren image of the heat plume from a camping stove reveals the invisible turbulence of rising hot air. It took the gold medal and the top cash prize of £1,000 in the 26 and over category. (Image: RPS/Phred Petersen)

These incredible pictures will change the way you look at science

The winners and shortlisted entries of the Royal Photographic Society’s International Images for Science competition have been revealed - and they’re truly spectacular.

From computer chips to pictures of the moon, 2,500 amateur and professional photographers submitted their finest work depicting ‘science with a story’.

The competition, supported by Siemens, is part of the Curiosity Project, a three-year programme aiming to engage young people with science and engineering.

The five winners and another 95 shortlisted entries are now open for public viewing during a five-week-long exhibition at The Crystal, London.

This is science like you’ve never seen before…