'Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14' welcomes historic golfing legends

Nip down to your local hipster clothing store and slip on those high-waisted vintage slacks in celebration of "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14", whose golfers and tournaments stretch as far back as the 1870s in this new trailer.

"Legends of the Majors" is what they're being called, and the late March game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is to include top golfing tournaments and players over the last .

Recent names include Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Seve Ballesteros, but players of "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14" will soon be able to better acquaint themselves with the likes of Gary Player, Sam Snead and Bobby Jones.

No need to break out the Instagram apps either, as the game applies era-specific graphical filters depending on which time period is being taken in, and equips golfers with the appropriate clubs and clothes to match.

The historical angle is something that basketball series "NBA 2K" has been integrating since "NBA 2K11", and looks like it will provide the golf sim with a fresh angle.

"Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14" is tracking for a March 26 release in North America and March 29 elsewhere.

Legends of the Majors trailer: youtu.be/zafP2nLkfYc
Official website: easports.com/tiger-woods