TikToker brilliantly explains how to have a ‘soft launch’ for your relationships

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There are wedding invitations, baby shower invites and Facebook events to announce momentous occasions in your life, so why wouldn’t there be a way to say you’ve got a new significant other?

Social media is chockfull of silent, arbitrary rules, and in many circles, the idea of prematurely showcasing a new boyfriend or girlfriend to your followers is a faux pas. What if you haven’t defined the relationship? What if they’re not sure about you, but you just posted a photo from the date?

It’s truly the modern-day version of your parents telling you they used to sit by a phone to wait for their crush to call. Talk about desperate!

This is where the genius concept of “soft-launching” a relationship comes in. A soft launch is typically when a store or restaurant quietly opens early to test the waters, rather than starting out with a huge party and overestimating the incoming crowds.

According to comedian Jessica Fisher, who shared the helpful information on TikTok, the soft launch is when you subtly hint that you’ve started seeing someone — but in a way that isn’t too obvious — in order to avoid the aforementioned social media horrors.

“For the girls, she will post a picture of him at a restaurant, his face will not be in it, she will tag the restaurant but not tag him,” Fisher explained.

“For the guys, it will only be a photo of himself and he will tag her as the photographer, either in the description or the photo,” she continued.


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“Yikes,” one person commented. “I just realized that in my last relationship he was just putting out the soft launch while I had the store up and operating for weeks.”

“Are straight ppl ok?” another asked.


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