Tiny puppy in California could be world's smallest

A puppy born barely three weeks ago could well set the record for being the world's tiniest dog.

Beyonce, a female Dachshund named after the pop star, was so small when she was born on 8th March that she could fit into a spoon. 

At two weeks, say animal rescuers in Northern California, she was about the size of a business card. 

The Grace Foundation, based in El Dorado County, says animal control picked up Beyonce's pregnant mother, and she subsequently gave birth to a litter of five adorable puppies.

Beyonce was the last one delivered, and was born without a heartbeat. Veterinarians managed to revive her through chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

The foundation adds Beyonce will be ready for adoption in another fortnight.

It has also submitted an application to Guinness World Records for world's smallest dog.