Top 5 Places to Learn Muay Thai in Singapore

Don Feingold

Muay Thai is an increasingly sought-after martial art in Singapore due to its efficiency and effectiveness in real-life self-defence situations as well as for fitness and weight loss. Many experts agree that Muay Thai not only burns up to 1,000 calories per hour, but it is also arguably the most effective striking martial art in the world. There are numerous schools in Singapore that offer students the opportunity to study the traditional Thai martial art. Muay Thai is also known as the "Art of 8 Limbs" due to its vast array of techniques utilising punches, elbows, knees, and kicks. Whether it is for weight loss, self-defence, or competition, Muay Thai has become a fun hobby for many people in Singapore.

Here are the top five places to learn Muay Thai in Singapore:

Evolve MMA Muay Thai Program

1) Evolve MMA

Evolve MMA is the biggest Muay Thai gym in Singapore and has won numerous awards as Asia's best school. It currently has the largest team of world champion instructors in Asia. Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced expert, you can learn under famous world champions such as Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn, Orono Wor Petchpun, Nong-O Kaiyanghadaogym, Sagetdao Petpayathai, Penek Sitnumnoi, Pornsanae Sitmontchai, and another two dozen world champions at Evolve. Evolve MMA has a family-friendly environment with clean facilities and a large Children's Program. It offers Muay Thai classes from 6am to 11pm every day of the week.


Chowraiooi Muay Thai

2) Chowraiooi Muay Thai

Chowraiooi Muay Thai is affiliated to a camp of the same name in Thailand. The head instructor is Singaporean Robert Yap and there is usually a Thai trainer on staff too. Chowraiooi has a 6,000 square foot facility that features a large sparring ring, showers, storage facilities and a lot of other helpful training devices. They also have a legacy of good fighters and are always looking to develop the next generation of Muay Thai competitors locally. It has classes during peak hours on weekdays and half-days on weekends.


Fight G Muay Thai

3) Fight G

Fight G’s Thai trainer is affectionately referred to by students as “Ajarn Udom” and is a veteran champion of over 300 Muay Thai fights. Singaporean veteran and Fight G’s founder Darren Da Silva, who is a certified Muay Thai instructor and former president of the Singapore Muay Thai Association, also conducts Muay Thai Classes. Muay Thai classes take place every weekday in the evening as well as on a Saturday afternoon. Fight G has a reputation as a fierce fight school. Most classes are held during peak hours in the evenings.


Transcendence MMA Muay Thai

4) Transcendence MMA

Transcendence MMA’s Muay Thai program is led by local Singaporean hero Terence Cheah, who is a World Muaythai Council (WMC) and International Federation Muaythai Amateur (IFMA) certified coach and referee. With a brand new facility along Lavender Road, Transcendence holds a range of martial arts classes including Aikido, Karate, Wrestling, BJJ and Muay Thai. Muay Thai classes are held daily and are divided into Fundamental and Intermediate classes depending on a student’s level. Classes commence at 930am on weekdays and run half-days on weekends.


BXG Boxing and Fitness

5) BXG Boxing and Fitness

Led by owner Joe Wijaya, BXG Fitness has long been a staple of the Muay Thai scene in Singapore. He has competed at the professional level and is known as an excellent instructor who has produced good local fighters. BXG Fitness also has a Thai champion trainer to hold pads and run classes. It has a 2,500 square foot facility with showers and changing rooms. Classes are rigorous with good structure.